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Envekadea vanlandinghamii |

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Fragilaria | Gomphosphenia |   
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Fragilaria vaucheriae |

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Eunotia |   
Eunotia zasuminensis |

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Sellaphora |   
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Synedra goulardi |

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Tetracyclus |   
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Tetracyclus |   
Tetracyclus glans |

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Tetracyclus |   
Tetracyclus hinziae |

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Amphorotia |   
Eunotia eruca |

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Peronia |   
Eunotia eruca |

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Peronia |   
Peronia fibula |

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Synedra | Tabularia |   
Ctenophora pulchella |

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Fragilariforma |   
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Fragilariforma nitzschioides |

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Cymbella amplificata |

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Fallacia |

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Simonsenia delognei |

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Staurosirella martyi |

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Tryblionella |

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Genkalia |

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Brachysira |   
Brachysira arctoborealis | Brachysira microcephala | Brachysira ocalanensis |

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Brachysira |   
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Lindavia comensis | Lindavia ocellata |

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Eunotia papilioforma | Eunotia rhomboidea |