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Cyclotella | Discostella | Puncticulata | Stephanocyclus |   
Discostella pseudostelligera | Lindavia praetermissa | Lindavia radiosa |

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Didymosphenia geminata |

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Microcostatus |

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Achnanthidium |

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Encyonema temperei |

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Sellaphora moesta | Surirella terryi |

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Surirella terryi |

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Surirella terryi |

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Lindavia rossii |

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Stephanodiscus reimeri |

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Stephanodiscus |   
Stephanodiscus niagarae | Stephanodiscus reimeri |

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Cyclostephanos dubius | Stephanodiscus alpinus |

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Stephanodiscus niagarae |

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Cyclostephanos |

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Stephanodiscus |   
Stephanodiscus yellowstonensis |

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Cyclostephanos |   
Cyclostephanos dubius |

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Stephanodiscus alpinus |

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Cyclostephanos invisitatus |

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Amphora calumetica |

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Rhoicosphenia californica | Rhoicosphenia stoermeri |

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Rhoicosphenia |   
Rhoicosphenia californica |

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Gomphoneis | Gomphonema | Gomphosphenia |   
Gomphonema christenseni | Gomphonema freesei | Gomphonema manubrium | Gomphonema mehleri | Gomphonema pusillum | Gomphonema reimeri |

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Planothidium |

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Melosira dickiei |

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Cyclostephanos invisitatus |

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Diadesmis |

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Geissleria |   
Geissleria punctifera |

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Anorthoneis |

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Aulacoseira |

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Aulacoseira humilis |

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Nitzschia |

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Nitzschia |

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Gomphonema christenseni |

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Fragilaria |

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Gomphoneis |   
Gomphoneis pseudo-okunoi |

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Cymbella affinis | Cymbella turgidula |

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Fragilaria |

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Aulacoseira nivalis |

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Aulacoseira pusilla | Aulacoseira subarctica |

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Discostella pseudostelligera |

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Fragilaria |

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Aulacoseira nivalis |

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Fragilaria |

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Aulacoseira pusilla |

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Fragilaria |

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Fragilaria | Fragilariforma |   
Fragilaria mesolepta |

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Fragilaria |   
Fragilaria vaucheriae |

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Spicaticribra |

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Aulacoseira islandica |

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Cymbopleura tynnii | Encyonopsis stafsholtii |