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Envekadea | Pleurosigma |

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Rossithidium anastasiae |

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Gomphonema louisiananum |

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Pleurosira | Spicaticribra | Urosolenia |

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Surirella |

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Frustulia |

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Neidium |

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Luticola |

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Epithemia |

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Cymbella |

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Pliocaenicus |

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Lindavia |

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Sellaphora moesta |

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Stephanodiscus |

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Aulacoseira granulata | Aulacoseira granulata var. angustissima |

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Didymosphenia geminata |

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Didymosphenia geminata |

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Fragilariforma |

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Achnanthidium deflexum |

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Halamphora thumensis |

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Fragilariforma constricta | Fragilariforma polygonata |

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Cymbella parva |

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Didymosphenia geminata |

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Halamphora elongata |

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Cyclotella distinguenda |

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Stephanodiscus |

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Cyclotella | Stephanodiscus |   
Actinocyclus normanii | Cyclotella atomus | Cyclotella distinguenda |

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Lindavia comensis |

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Peronia |

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Cyclotella |   
Lindavia antiqua | Lindavia bodanica |

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Nitzschia sigmoidea |

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Rhopalodia |

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Lindavia ocellata | Lindavia rossii |

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Tabellaria fenestrata | Tabellaria flocculosa |

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Tabellaria fenestrata | Tabellaria flocculosa |

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Sellaphora japonica |

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Achnanthidium |   
Achnanthidium latecephalum | Achnanthidium pyrenaicum |

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Kobayasiella |

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Kobayasiella micropunctata | Kobayasiella parasubtilissima | Kobayasiella subtilissima |

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Aulacoseira ambigua |

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Hippodonta pseudacceptata | Sellaphora japonica |

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Achnanthes subhudsonis var. kraeuselii |

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Stephanodiscus hantzschii |

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Grunowia solgensis |

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Amphicampa | Peronia |   
Eunotia eruca |

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Nitzschia kurzeana |

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Adlafia |   
Lindavia intermedia |

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Gomphonema | Gomphosphenia |   
Gomphonema kobayasii | Gomphonema manubrium | Gomphonema mehleri | Gomphonema reimeri | Gomphonema stoermeri | Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis |

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Diatoma |

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Meridion lineare |

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Gomphoneis |   
Gomphoneis mammilla |

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Actinocyclus |   
Ellerbeckia arenaria |

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Gomphoneis |   
Gomphoneis herculeana | Gomphoneis oreophila | Gomphoneis trullata |

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Gomphonema ventricosum |

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Reimeria |   
Reimeria sinuata |

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Delicata | Didymosphenia | Encyonema | Gomphoneis | Gomphonema | Navicymbula | Reimeria |   
Didymosphenia geminata | Gomphoneis herculeana var. abundans |

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Gomphoneis |   
Gomphoneis eriense | Gomphoneis eriense var. angularis | Gomphoneis eriense var. apiculata | Gomphoneis eriense var. variabilis | Gomphoneis herculeana | Gomphoneis herculeana var. lowei | Gomphoneis minuta | Gomphoneis pseudo-okunoi |

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Gomphoneis |

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Gomphonema germainii |

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Gomphoneis | Gomphonema | Gomphosinica |   
Gomphoneis herculeana | Gomphonema manubrium | Gomphonema pygmaeum | Gomphonema sphaerophorum | Gomphonema submehleri | Gomphonema superiorense | Gomphosinica geitleri |

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Gomphoneis | Gomphonema |

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Afrocymbella |

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Placoneis | Rexlowea |   
Rexlowea navicularis |

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Muelleria | Playaensis |   
Halamphora elongata | Lindavia comensis | Muelleria gibbula | Muelleria spauldingiae |

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Actinella |

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Actinella |   
Actinella punctata |

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Navicula walkeri |

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Gomphoneis septa |

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Gomphonema louisiananum |

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Gomphosphenia grovei | Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis |

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Gomphonema | Gomphosinica |   
Gomphosinica geitleri |

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Gomphonema insularum |

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Asterionella |   
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Humidophila |

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Humidophila |

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Luticola |

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