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Synedra cyclopum |

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Eunotia | Stenopterobia |   
Brachysira brebissonii | Brachysira serians | Eunotia bidentula | Eunotia charliereimeri | Eunotia mucophila | Eunotia sarraceniae | Eunotia tauntoniensis | Neidium sacoense | Pinnularia turfosiphila |

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Fragilaria synegrotesca | Mastogloia calcarea |

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Mastogloia |   
Mastogloia calcarea | Mastogloia pseudosmithii |

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Fragilaria synegrotesca |

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Skeletonema |

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Lemnicola |   
Lemnicola hungarica |

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Stephanodiscus oregonicus |

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Navicula capitatoradiata |

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Stephanocyclus |

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Cocconeis placentula |

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Cocconeis placentula |

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Cocconeis placentula |

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Planothidium |

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Denticula | Rhopalodia |

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Planothidium |   
Achnanthes coarctata |

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Cocconeis placentula |

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Lindavia ocellata | Lindavia rossii |

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Aulacoseira islandica |

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Aulacoseira islandica |

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Cocconeis |

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Psammothidium bioretii |

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Kobayasiella micropunctata | Navicula capitatoradiata | Thalassiosira lacustris |

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Aulacoseira subarctica |

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Surirella ovalis |

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Envekadea |   
Envekadea metzeltinii | Envekadea pachycephala | Envekadea vanlandinghamii |

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Aulacoseira granulata |

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Fragilaria synegrotesca |

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Frustulia capitata | Frustulia latita | Frustulia neomundana | Frustulia soror |

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Frustulia rexii |

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Envekadea vanlandinghamii |

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Surirella ovalis |

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Eunotia incisa |

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Cavinula scutelloides | Gomphonema ventricosum | Lacustriella lacustris | Mastogloia grevillei | Placoneis anglophila | Reimeria sinuata | Staurophora amphioxys | Surirella tenera |

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Tryblionella apiculata |

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Aulacoseira nivalis | Cavinula cocconeiformis | Encyonema lunatum | Encyonema pergracile | Kurtkrammeria aequalis |

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Frickea |   
Frickea lewisiana |

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Pleurosigma |

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Denticula subtilis | Diatoma ehrenbergii | Eunotia exigua | Eunotia paludosa | Nitzschia inconspicua | Staurosirella leptostauron var. dubia | Staurosirella rhomboides | Tryblionella hungarica |

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Lemnicola hungarica |

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Anorthoneis | Craticula |   
Achnanthes inflata | Brachysira microcephala |

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Hantzschia |

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Gomphoneis eriense | Lindavia bodanica |

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Encyonopsis falaisensis | Navicula reinhardtii | Nitzschia angustata |

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Placoneis amphibola |

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Placoneis amphibola |