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Diatoms of the United States is now known as Diatoms of North America.
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Surirella angusta |

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Asterionella ralfsii var. americana | Eunotia bidentula | Eunotia bilunaris | Eunotia pectinalis | Krasskella kriegeriana | Lindavia michiganiana | Lindavia ocellata | Placoneis explanata | Sellaphora laevissima |

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Eupodiscus radiatus |

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Rossithidium |

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Hantzschia |

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Aulacoseira |   
Aulacoseira humilis | Aulacoseira lirata | Aulacoseira tenella |

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Oxyneis binalis var. elliptica |

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Tabellaria |

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Psammothidium |   
Psammothidium scoticum |

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Stauroforma |   
Stauroforma exiguiformis |

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Gomphonema nathorstii |

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Achnanthes rostellata | Stauroneis siberica |

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Lacustriella |   
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Eupodiscus radiatus |

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Cymbopleura elliptica | Cymbopleura incertiformis var. linearis |

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Lindavia |

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Craticula pampeana |

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Stephanocyclus |

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Lindavia affinis |

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Chaetoceros muelleri | Cyclotella quillensis |

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Rhopalodia gibberula |

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Cymbella neocistula |

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Hydrosera whampoensis |

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Eunotia |   
Eunotia lewisii | Eunotia macroglossa |

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Eunotia |   
Eunotia areniverma | Eunotia bidens | Eunotia bilii | Eunotia bilunaris | Eunotia boomsma | Eunotia canicula | Eunotia cataractarum | Eunotia enischna | Eunotia exigua | Eunotia horstii | Eunotia incisa | Eunotia kociolekii | Eunotia microcephala | Eunotia montuosa | Eunotia mydohaimasiae | Eunotia nymanniana | Eunotia obliquestriata | Eunotia orthohedra | Eunotia papilioforma | Eunotia pectinalis | Eunotia rhomboidea | Eunotia richbuttensis | Eunotia rushforthii | Eunotia subherkiniensis | Eunotia trinacria |

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Navicula genovefae | Pseudostaurosira robusta |

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