Lindavia bodanica

(Eulenstein ex Grunow) T.Nakov, Guillory, Julius, Theriot & Alverson 2015      Category: Centric
BASIONYM: Cyclotella bodanica
SYNONYM(S): Puncticulata bodanica (Eulenstein ex Grunow) H. Håkansson | Handmannia bodanica (Eulenstein ex Grunow) Kociolek & Khursevich | Cyclotella comta var. bodanica Grunow 

Lindavia antiqua


Lindavia delicatula

LM scalebar = 10 µm

Slide Number: Science Museum of Minnnesota MBE 180a

Site ID: Moose Lake, Vertical Plankton Tow

Site Name: Moose Lake, Lake County, Minnesota, United States

Latitude: 47.989169

Longitude: -91.508262

Caption: Valve view, photo by Emily, citizen scientist at SMM Members Behind Scenes

Notes: Specimen found by Emily at a Science Museum of Minnesota outreach program.

Contributor: David R.L. Burge | Mark Edlund - January 2017