Tabularia fasciculata

(Agardh) Williams and Round 1986      Category: Araphid
BASIONYM: Diatoma fasciculata C. Agardh 1812
SYNONYM(S): Fragilaria fasciculata (C. Agardh) Lange-Bertalot 1980 | Echinella fasciculata (Agardh) Jurgens 1816-1822 | Ctenophora pulchella var. fasciculata (Agardh ex specim., Kützing) Schonfeldt 1907 

Tabellaria flocculosa


Terpsinoë musica

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 40 pixels.


Contributor: Pat Kociolek - March 2011
Length Range: 34-100 µm
Width Range: 4.5-6.0 µm
Striae in 10 µm: 12-15


Valves are linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, with some specimens slightly or even distinctly asymmetric to the transapical axis, although this is not characteristic of the species. The apices are set off slightly and rounded but not capitate. The axial area is very broad and the width can be variable within populations. No central area is evident. The length:breadth ratio is also variable, even in this more restricted sense of the species (as compared to the interpretation of Krammer and Lange-Bertalot 1991). Striae are costate, areolae are not visible in the LM. Both apices appear to have small pore fields.

Patrick (in Patrick and Reimer 1996, p. 141) gives a detailed review of the nomenclature of this species.

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Basionym: Diatoma fasciculata
Author: C. Agardh 1812
Length Range: µm
Striae in 10 µm:

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Species: Tabularia fasciculata

Contributor: Pat Kociolek

Reviewer: Rex Lowe


Krammer, K. and Lange-Bertalot, H. (1991). Bacillariophyceae. 3. Teil: Centrales, Fragilariaceae, Eunotiaceae. In Ettl, H., Gerloff, J., Heynig, H. & Mollenhauer, D. (Eds.). Süsswasserflora von Mitteleuropa. 2(3): 1-576. Gustav Fisher Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany.

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Williams, D.M. and Round, F.E. (1987). Revision of the genus Fragilaria. Diatom Research 2: 267-288.

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