Surirella suecica

Grunow in Van Heurck 1881      Category: Surirelloid
BASIONYM: Surirella suecica Grunow in Van Heurck 1881

Surirella striatula


Surirella tenera

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 40 pixels.


Contributor: Jonathan English - February 2011
Length Range: 14-34 µm
Width Range: 7-9.5 µm
Striae in 10 µm: 30-36


Valves 14-34 µm long by 7-9.5 µm wide, with a length-width ratio between 2 and 3.6. Valves generally clavate, although some have linear or constricted midsections that abruptly become pointed near the footpole. The headpole is broadly rounded while the footpole is acutely wedge-shaped and frequently capitate. Costae extend from the valve margins to the apical axis, 30-36 in 10 µm and rarely visible in the LM. Between the costae 2-3 rows of areolae exist, which are only visible in the SEM. Indentations in the valve face are present around the circumference of the valve, having the appearance of large areolae in the LM. Fibulae are short and marginal, 9-12 in 10µm.

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Basionym: Surirella suecica
Author: Grunow in Van Heurck 1881
Length Range: µm
Striae in 10 µm:

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Species: Surirella suecica

Contributor: Jonathan English

Reviewer: Sam Rushforth


Coste, M. and Ricard, M. (1982). Contribution a l’étude des diatomées deau douce des Seychelles et de l’Ile Maurice. Cryptogamie, Algologie 3(4): 279-313.

Van Heurck, H. (1881). Synopsis des Diatomées de Belgique. Atlas. Ducaju & Cie., Anvers. pls 31-77.

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