Spicaticribra kingstonii

J.R.Johansen, Kociolek and R.L.Lowe 2008      Category: Centric

Simonsenia delognei


Stauroforma exiguiformis

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 80 pixels.


Contributor: Rex Lowe - January 2015
Diameter: 9.8-23.1 µm
Rows of areolae in 10 µm: 16-19 near valve margin


The valve face is flat, the mantle slopes to the valve margin. Striae are composed of coarse areolae. Striae are radial and straight, but not organized into fascicles. Some striae extend from the valve margin to the center, while others extend only partially to the center. Marginal fultoportulae number 7-27 per valve, spaced 2-3 µm between between one another. Rimoportulae number 1-3 per valve. Internal extensions of the rimoportulae are of the same height as the fultoportulae. Areolae number 18-21 in 10 µm within a stria. The central areolae are often 3-6 times the size of other areolae.

Original Description

Author: J.R.Johansen, Kociolek and R.L.Lowe 2008
Diameter: 9-25 µm
Rows of areolae in 10 µm: 16-19

Original Description

Frustules 9-25 µm in diameter. Initial valves hemispherical, without evident processes on the exterior surface or visible processes in LM (Figs. 1-2, 17), but marginal fultoportulae and rimportula visible in internal view (Fig. 18), 22-25 µm in diameter. Vegetative valve face flat, with mantle sloping to the margin (Figs. 19-20). Marginal fultoportulae 7-27 per valve, with 2-3 µm between adjacent fultoportulae (Figs. 4, 7, 9, 11, 15). Rimoportulae number 1 to 3 per valve (Figs. 4, 7, 9, 11, 15), with internal extensions at the same height as the fultoportulae (Figs 18, 21-24). Striae radial, straight, some extending from the margin to the center, others extending only partially to center (Figs. 3-16), 16-19 in 10 µm. Areolae 18-21 in10 µm within striae, with central areolae often 3-6 times the size of other areolae (Figs. 3, 13, 19, 20).

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Species: Spicaticribra kingstonii

Contributor: Rex Lowe

Reviewer: Kalina Manoylov


Johansen, J., Kociolek, P. and Lowe, R. (2008). Spicaticribra kingstonii, gen. nov. et sp. nov. (Thalassiosirales, Bacillariophyta) from Great Smoky Mountains National Park, U.S.A. Diatom Research 23(2): 367-375. 10.1080/0269249X.2008.9705763

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Planktonic in mildly eutrophic lakes and reservoirs.