Oxyneis binalis var. elliptica

(Flower) Kingston 2000      Category: Araphid
BASIONYM: Tabellaria binalis var. elliptica Flower 1989

Oxyneis binalis


Peronia fibula

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 80 pixels.


Contributor: David R.L. Burge | Mark Edlund - September 2016
Length Range: 9-10 µm
Width Range: 3.5-4.5 µm
Striae in 10 µm: 14-16


Valves are elliptic, with a flat valve face and rounded apices. The sternum is more or less in the center and aligned with the apical axis. Stria are parallel in the valve center and become slightly curved and radiate at the apices. Girdle bands number 4-5 in 10 µm. A septum is present on each girdle band at one end. The opposite end of the girdle band may be open or closed. Valves have a single rimoportula and apical pore fields that are not visible in LM.

Original Description

Basionym: Tabellaria binalis var. elliptica
Author: Flower 1989
Length Range: 8.0-13.5 µm
Width Range: 3.0-5.0 µm
Striae in 10 µm: 15-22.5

Original Description

Frustules rectangular, united into zig-zag colonies; one valve of each frustule with a serrate ridge at the junction of the valve face and mantle; valves elliptical, 8.0-13.5 µm long, 3.0-5.0 µm wide; striae 15-22.5 in 10 µm; areola c. 60 in 10 µm, both in the striae and in the distinct apical pore fields; a single sub-apical rimoportula often present on each valve. Holotypes: The holotype specimen from the Round Loch of Glenhead (Galloway, Scotland) has been placed in the British Museum (Natural History) herbarium on slide number BM81530.

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Species: Oxyneis binalis var. elliptica

Contributor: David R.L. Burge | Mark Edlund

Reviewer: Sylvia Lee


Flower, R. J. (1989). A new variety of Tabellaria binalis (Ehrenb.) Grun. from several acid lakes in the UK. Diatom Research 4(1): 21-23. 10.1080/0269249X.1989.9705048

Kingston, J.C. (2000). New combinations in the freshwater Fragilariaceae and Achnanthidiaceae. Diatom Research 15(2): 409-411. 10.1080/0269249X.2000.9705504

Siver, P.A. and Hamilton, P.B. (2011). Diatoms of North America: The Freshwater Flora of Waterbodies on the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Iconographia Diatomologica 22.

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NADED ID: 67012

Autecology Discussion

Oxyneis binalis var. elliptica can form ribbon-like by attachment of marginal silicious flanges (Siver and Hamilton 2011) or zigzag colonies by attachment at the apical pore fields with mucilage pads (Flower 1989). Oxyneis binalis var. elliptica has been reported from acidic lakes of the northeastern United States (Flower 1989, Siver and Hamilton 2011).