Nitzschia alpina

Hustedt 1943      Category: Nitzschioid
BASIONYM: Nitzschia alpina Hustedt 1943

Nitzschia acicularis


Nitzschia amphibia

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 80 pixels.


Contributor: Loren Bahls - May 2012
Length Range: 13-21 µm
Width Range: 3.3-4.2 µm
Striae in 10 µm: 23-25


Valves are linear to lanceolate, with bluntly rounded to somewhat rostrate apices. Fibulae are distinct and number 11-14 in 10 µm. The fibulae are equidistant and the central nodule absent. Areolae are indistinct.

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Basionym: Nitzschia alpina
Author: Hustedt 1943
Length Range: µm
Striae in 10 µm:

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Species: Nitzschia alpina

Contributor: Loren Bahls

Reviewer: Rex Lowe


Hustedt, F. (1943). Die Diatomeenflora einiger Hochgebirgsseen der Landschaft Davos in den schweizer Alpen. Internationale Revue der gesamten Hydrobiologie und Hydrographie 43:124-197, 225-280.

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Lange-Bertalot, H. (1980). New species, combinations and synonyms in the genus Nitzschia. Bacillaria 3: 41-78.

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Simonsen, R. (1987). Atlas and Catalogue of the Diatom Types of Friedrich Hustedt. J. Cramer, Berlin & Stuttgart 1: 525 pp.

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NADED ID: 48040

Autecology Discussion

Nitzschia alpina is widely distributed in lakes and streams in the Northern Rocky Mountains, where mean pH is 7.8 and mean specific conductance is 266 µS/cm. The most common diatom associates of N. alpina in these waters are Fragilaria tenera, Cyclotella comensis, Brachysira microcephala, Encyonopsis cesatii, Nitzschia angustata and Nitzschia bryophila. Lange-Bertalot (1980) reports this species from Iceland and from “unpolluted peatwaters” in Germany and elsewhere.


Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana: home of Nitzschia alpina.

Credit/Source: Loren Bahls