Denticula creticola

(Østrup) Lange-Bert. and Krammer      Category: Nitzschioid
BASIONYM: Nitzschia creticola Østrup 1910

Decussata placenta


Denticula subtilis

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 80 pixels.


Contributor: Ian Bishop | Nina Desianti - March 2016
Length Range: 9-11 µm
Width Range: 2.5-2.8 µm
Striae in 10 µm: > 40


Valves are small and linear, with rounded ends. The keel is positioned at the valve margin. Striae are too dense to be visible in LM. Costae are mostly parallel, but become curved at the apices, measuring 12 in 10 µm.

Original Description

Basionym: Nitzschia creticola
Author: Østrup 1910
Length Range: 11 µm
Width Range: 2.7 µm
Striae in 10 µm: 10

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Species: Denticula creticola

Contributor: Ian Bishop | Nina Desianti

Reviewer: Marina Potapova


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