Cymbopleura austriaca

(Grunow) Krammer 2003      Category: Asymmetrical biraphid
BASIONYM: Cymbella austriaca Grunow in Schmidt et al. 1875

Cymbopleura apiculata


Cymbopleura crassipunctata

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 40 pixels.


Contributor: Loren Bahls - January 2012
Length Range: 54-107 µm
Width Range: 14.2-19.6 µm
Striae in 10 µm: center: 9-10 (dorsal), 11-12 (ventral); 13-15 ends


Valves are dorsiventral and broadly linear-lanceolate to elliptic-lanceolate with an arcuate dorsal margin and slightly convex ventral margin. Apices are obtusely rounded. The axial area is ventrally displaced and rather straight and broad, expanding towards a somewhat wider central area and together forming a narrow lanceolate shape running the length of the valve. Raphe branches are strongly lateral but become filiform near the distal ends and strongly reverse-lateral near the proximal ends. Proximal raphe ends are slightly expanded. Terminal raphe fissures are comma-shaped and deflected dorsally. Striae are radiate in the middle and become curved and more strongly radiate towards the apices; in the largest specimens, striae are parallel and wavy near the apices. Striae and areolae are more widely spaced on the dorsal side than on the ventral side. Areolae number 20-26 (dorsal) and 24-28 (ventral) in 10 µm.

Original Description

Basionym: Cymbella austriaca
Author: Grunow in Schmidt et al. 1875
Length Range: µm
Striae in 10 µm:

Original Description

Images published in Schmidt et al. 1875 without description.

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Species: Cymbopleura austriaca

Contributor: Loren Bahls

Reviewer: Sam Rushforth


Krammer, K. (2003). Cymbopleura, Delicata, Navicymbula, Gomphocymbellopsis, Afrocymbella. Diatoms of Europe. Diatoms of the European Inland Waters and Comparable Habitats 4: 1-530.

Krammer, K. and Lange-Bertalot, H. (1986). Bacillariophyceae. 1. Teil: Naviculaceae. In: Ettl, H., J. Gerloff, H. Heynig and D. Mollenhauer (eds.) Süsswasserflora von Mitteleuropa, Band 2/1. Gustav Fisher Verlag, Jena. 876 pp.

Schmidt, A. (-). (1874-1959). Atlas der Diatomaceen-Kunde, von Adolf Schmidt, continued by Martin Schmidt, Friedrich Fricke, Heinrich Heiden, Otto Muller, Friedrich Hustedt. Reprint 1984, Koeltz Scientific Books, Konigstein, 480 plates.

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NADED ID: 190012

Autecology Discussion

The preferred habitat for Cymbopleura austriaca is among moss on wet rock walls and in seeps and springs in the mountains. It also shows up occasionally in samples from small streams and lakes. Krammer (2003) reports this taxon from the Alps in waters of moderate electrolyte content.


Mud Lake, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana: home of Cymbopleura austriaca.

Credit/Source: John Pierce