Cavinula scutelloides

(W.Sm.) Lange-Bert. in Lange-Bert. and Metzeltin 1996      Category: Symmetrical biraphid
BASIONYM: Navicula scutelloides W.Sm. 1856

Cavinula pusio


Cavinula scutiformis

LM scalebar = 10 µm = 80 pixels.


Contributor: Marina Potapova - April 2011
Length Range: 13-24 µm
Width Range: 10-15 µm
Striae in 10 µm: 6-8


Valves are elliptical. The axial area is linear; the central area is small, elliptical. The raphe is filiform with expanded external proximal ends. The terminal raphe fissures are small. The striae are strongly radiate and coarsely punctate. Long and short striae alternate in the central area. The stria density increases towards the apices. Areolae are elliptical and number 10-14 in 10 μm.

Original Description

Basionym: Navicula scutelloides
Author: W.Sm. 1856
Length Range: µm
Striae in 10 µm:

Original Description

Navicula Scutelloides, W.Sm. Valve nearly orbicular ; striæ moniliform, 18 in •001”. Length of F. •007”. Breadth of •0006”. v.v. W. Sm. In Greg. Mic. Journ. vol. iv. P. 4. pl. i. 15. Fresh water. Ormesby, Norfolk, Sept. 1853, Mr. Bridgman. Rosthern Mere, Cheshire, Sept. 1855, Dr. Arnott. Cantyre Peat, &c.

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Species: Cavinula scutelloides

Contributor: Marina Potapova

Reviewer: Sarah Spaulding


Gregory, W. (1856). Notice of some new species of British Fresh-water Diatomaceae. Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, new series, London 4:1-14, pl. I.

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Smith, W. (1856). Synopsis of British Diatomaceae. John Van Voorst, London 1856. 2: 107pp., pls. 32-60, 61-62, A-E.

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