BrĂ©bisson ex Van Heurck 1896      Category: Surirelloid
TYPE SPECIES: Stenopterobia intermedia Lewis




Image Credit: Elizabeth Ruck

CLASS: Bacillariophyceae
  ORDER: Surirellales
    FAMILY: Surirellaceae

  1. Valves long, thin
  2. Valves lanceolate or sigmoid
  3. Raphe within a canal
  4. Raphe located along entire valve margin

The valves of Stenopterobia are narrow and may be straight or sigmoid in outline. Like other members of the Surirellaceae, the raphe is located within a canal along the valve margin. The canal in Stenopterobia is raised above the valve, onto a keel.

Species within Stenopterobia are typically found in low conductivity, nutrient poor, acidic waters. For example, Stenopterobia often dominates the pond habitats of the Carolina Bays, on the Atlantic Coastal Plain.

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