Brébisson and Arnott ex Kitton 1868      Category: Eunotioid
TYPE SPECIES: Peronia erinacea Brébisson and Arnott ex Kitton 1868, nom. illeg.




CLASS: Bacillariophyceae
  ORDER: Eunotiales
    FAMILY: Peroniaceae

Peronia is both heterovalvar and heteropolar. Frustules are heterovalvar in that valves within a frustule differ in raphe structure. Valves are heteropolar in that valves are cuneate in both valve view and girdle view. The headpole is rounded to subcapitate, while the footpole is narrow and rounded. One valve has a raphe that extends from each pole to approximately one quarter of the valve length. The other valve has a rudimentary raphe that may be evident at the poles, or may be completely absent. Both valves possess a very narrow central sternum. Short marginal spines may be present.

Patrick and Reimer (1966) recorded P. fibula from North America.

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