Mereschkowsky 1902      Category: Symmetrical biraphid
TYPE SPECIES: Sellaphora pupula (Kützing) Mereschkowsky




Image Credit: Megan Otu, Sarah Spaulding

CLASS: Bacillariophyceae
  ORDER: Naviculales
    FAMILY: Sellaphoraceae

  1. Valve linear, lanceolate or elliptic
  2. Polar bars at apices, in some taxa
  3. Striae uniseriate or biseriate
  4. Conopeum present, in some taxa

The valve is linear, lanceolate, or elliptic with bluntly rounded poles. Polar bars, or transapical thickenings, are present in some taxa. The axial area is distinct, and may be expanded along the apical axis to form a conopeum. The external proximal raphe ends are dilated, while the distal raphe ends are deflected.

Sellaphora is widespread in alkaline to brackish waters of neutral pH. It contains the former Navicula pupula Kützing group. The publication by Wetzel et al. (2015) is an important revision of several small species now within the genus.

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