Williams and Round 1988      Category: Araphid
TYPE SPECIES: Pseudostaurosira brevistriata Williams and Round




Image Credit: Eduardo Morales

CLASS: Fragilariophyceae
  ORDER: Fragilariales
    FAMILY: Fragilariaceae

  1. Striae uniseriate
  2. Spines present
  3. Areolae elliptical

Frustules of Pseudostaurosira form chains with frustules linked valve face to valve face. Frustules rectangular in girdle view. Striae are uniseriate, composed of a few (usually not more than 4) elliptical areolae. Spines are present on the valve margin and may be branched.

Pseudostaurosira includes the former Fragilaria brevistriata and is distinguished by the structure of the striae, rather than the shape of the valve face.

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