Round in Round, Crawford and Mann 1990      Category: Araphid
TYPE SPECIES: Oxyneis binalis (Ehrenberg) Round in Round, Crawford and Mann




Smallest to largest - 2 taxa sorted by maximum length

Image Credit: David Burge

CLASS: Fragilariophyceae
  ORDER: Tabellariales
    FAMILY: Tabellareaceae

  1. Valve margin elliptic or panduriform
  2. Septae present
  3. Cells form short chains or zigzag colonies

Valves are relatively small in size and elliptic or panduriform in valve outline. Septae are present on the copulae (girdle bands).

Oxyneis is considered a close relative of Tabellaria. The two genera share the presence of septae, which may be detached in some preparations. Species within the genus are characteristic of acidic lakes and peatland waters.

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