Johansen & Sray 1998      Category: Symmetrical biraphid
TYPE SPECIES: Microcostatus krasskei (Hustedt) Johansen & Sray




CLASS: Bacillariophyceae
  ORDER: Naviculales

  1. Axial area with depressions on either side of a prominent central sternum
  2. Axial depressions contain small costae

Frustules of Microcostatus are small in size. The axial area includes lyre-shaped depressions on both sides of the prominent sternum. The depressions contain small costae (microcostae). Striae not visible with the light microscope. SEM reveals striae are present and comprised of single rows of areolae. In living cells two plastids are present, pressed to the cingulum.

The genus contains the former Navicula krasskei Hustedt and other small species from aerophilous habitats.

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