Krammer 1997      Category: Asymmetrical biraphid
TYPE SPECIES: Encyonopsis cesatii Krammer




Image Credit: Ditmar Metzeltin

CLASS: Bacillariophyceae
  ORDER: Cymbellales

  1. Frustules with slight apical asymmetry
  2. Stigmoid present (dorsal) or absent
  3. Striae uniseriate
  4. Terminal raphe fissures ventrally deflected

Valves of Encyonopsis tend to be only slightly asymmetrical in the apical axis. Some species may be nearly symmetrical to the apical axis and confused with other taxa. Striae are uniseriate. If a stigmoid is present, it will be located on the dorsal side of the central area. The raphe is positioned nearly centrally on the valve. Terminal raphe fissures are ventrally deflected. In contrast to Cymbella, the valves of Encyonopsis lack apical pore fields.

The valve shape of Encyonopsis is more naviculoid and less asymmetrical than many cymbelloid genera. Encyonopsis includes the former Cymbella microcephala complex, C. falaisiensis, C. cesatii, and C. kriegeri.

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Contributor: Sarah Spaulding | Mark Edlund | Ditmar Metzeltin - December 2008