Hustedt in A. Schmidt 1924      Category: Nitzschioid
TYPE SPECIES: Cymbellonitzschia minima Hustedt in A. Schmidt




CLASS: Bacillariophyceae
  ORDER: Bacillariales
    FAMILY: Bacillariaceae

  1. Valves slightly to strongly asymmetric to the apical axis
  2. Raphe positioned on ventral margin
  3. Cells small

Cymbellonitzshia possesses a raphe on the ventral margin of the valve, similar to the genus Nitzschia. In contrast to Nitzschia, however, the valves of Cymbellonitzschia are slightly to strongly asymmetric to the apical axis. The striae are uniseriate. The cells of Cymbellonitzshia are small.

Cymbellonitzshia is an uncommon genus that grows on sand and sediment surfaces.

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