(Grunow) Williams and Round 1986      Category: Araphid
TYPE SPECIES: Ctenophora pulchella (Ralfs ex K├╝tzing) Williams and Round




Image Credit: Kenneth Justin Jones

CLASS: Fragilariophyceae
  ORDER: Fragilariales
    FAMILY: Fragilariaceae

  1. Valve elongate, linear-lanceolate
  2. Central area a thickened fascia with ghost striae
  3. Rimoportulae present at each pole
  4. Rimoportula positioned diagonally

Ctenophora frustules are elongate and linear-lanceolate in valve outline. The central part of the valve has a thickened area, or fascia, with faint, ghost striae. Each pole contains a rimoportula, positioned near the axial area. The rimoportula is positioned diagonally. Living cells grow in tuft-like colonies, attached to surfaces by mucilage pads.

The genus is common in brackish waters, including sites that have anthropogenic inputs of salts.

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