Ehrenberg ex Kützing 1844      Category: Surirelloid
TYPE SPECIES: Camplyodiscus clypeus Ehrenberg ex Kützing




Image Credit: Mark Edlund, Elizabeth Ruck

CLASS: Bacillariophyceae
  ORDER: Surirellales
    FAMILY: Surirellaceae

  1. Valve 'saddle' shaped
  2. Raphe runs along entire valve margin
  3. Raphe positioned in marginal keel

Frustules of Campylodiscus possess a complicated three-dimensional structure which is often termed a distinctive “saddle shape”. Like the other genera within the family Surirellaceae, the raphe system is raised onto a keel and positioned along the entire valve margin. Cells possess a single chloroplast, with two lobed margins.

Cells grow singly in epipelic habitats of freshwaters, brackish waters and marine waters.

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