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Lemnicola 1

  1. Apex narrowed, rounded and/or subrostrate
  2. Striae radiate
  3. Raphe valve with asymmetric stauros

Monoraphid - Valves of Lemnicola are linear to linear-elliptical. The valve apices may be narrowed, rounded, or subrostrate. The striae are slightly radial throughout and composed of biseriate rows of circular areolae. The raphe valve has an asymmetrical stauros. Lemnicola was erected for a single species, Lemnicola hungarica (Grun.) Round et Basson, which had previously been considered within Achnanthidium or Achnanthes. Living...


  1. Valve linear-lanceolate to lanceolate with rounded, rostrate or capitate ends
  2. Central area expanded with distinct stigma
  3. Striae punctate
  4. Proximal raphe ends slightly deflected

Symmetrical biraphid - Valves of Luticola have an expanded central area with a distinct stigma in the central area. The striae are distinctly punctate. Proximal raphe ends are slightly deflected unilaterally. Distal raphe ends are deflected to the same side as the proximal raphe ends. Living cells possess a single chloroplast. Luticola is a widespread aerophilic genus, typical of soil and moss habitats. It includes the former Navicula mutica...