GENERA starting with "k"


Karayevia 7

  1. Rapheless valve with nearly parallel striae
  2. Raphe valve with radial striae
  3. External distal raphe fissures curved to one side
  4. Internal expression of areolae occluded

Monoraphid - The valves of Karayevia are elliptic to lanceolate with rostrate to capitate ends. The rapheless valve possesses striae that are nearly parallel, composed of circular areolae. The raphe valve possesses radial striae, composed of transapically elongate areolae. Externally, the distal raphe fissures curve to the same side. Internally, the areolae are occulded. Cells grow attached to sand grains, with many species...

Kobayasiella 6

  1. Striae radiate, may be crossed by longitudinal lines
  2. Striae very fine
  3. Axial area narrow
  4. Raphe straight, proximal raphe ends expanded

Symmetrical biraphid - Kobayasiella valves are linear to linear-lanceolate, with ends rostrate or expanded and capitate. Because the striae often number more than 30 in 10 microns, they may not be visible in the light microscope. The striae are radiate in the center of the valve and become convergent at the valve apices. The raphe is filiform, with proximal raphe ends expanded. The raphe has fine, but distinctive ‘kinks’ or deflections at...