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Campylodiscus hibernicus |

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Gyrosigma acuminatum |

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Frustulia |

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Aulacoseira |

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Chamaepinnularia | Cosmioneis |

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Orthoseira |

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Geissleria |

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Luticola |

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Microcostatus |

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Stauroneis |   
Stauroneis acidoclinatopsis | Stauroneis acuta | Stauroneis agrestis | Stauroneis americana | Stauroneis amphicephala | Stauroneis bryocola | Stauroneis circumborealis | Stauroneis finlandia | Stauroneis fluminopsis | Stauroneis gracilis | Stauroneis heinii | Stauroneis kriegeri | Stauroneis pax | Stauroneis phoenicenteron | Stauroneis pikuni | Stauroneis reichardtii | Stauroneis siberica | Stauroneis subborealis | Stauroneis submarginalis | Stauroneis supergracilis | Stauroneis superkuelbsii | Stauroneis vandevijveri |

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Pinnularia |

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Surirella |

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Diatomella |   
Diatomella balfouriana |

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Achnanthidium |

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Microcostatus |

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Adlafia | Cosmioneis | Luticola |

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Achnanthidium |

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Cymbopleura |

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Craticula |

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Halamphora |

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Luticola |

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Muelleria |   
Muelleria agnellus | Muelleria tetonensis |

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Luticola |

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Encyonopsis neerlandica |

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Planothidium |   
Planothidium lanceolatum |

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Luticola |

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Muelleria |   
Muelleria spauldingiae |

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Eupodiscus |   
Eunotia gibbosa | Eunotia nymanniana | Eunotia perpusilla | Eupodiscus radiatus | Fragilaria recapitellata | Fragilariforma nitzschioides | Fragilariforma virescens | Nitzschia brevissima | Nitzschia palea | Nitzschia palea var. debilis | Nitzschia palea var. tenuirostris | Nitzschia paleacea | Planothidium dubium | Stauroforma exiguiformis | Surirella suecica | Tetracyclus rupestris |

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Lindavia comensis | Melosira normannii |

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Eupodiscus |   
Eunotia perpusilla | Pseudostaurosira brevistriata | Simonsenia delognei | Surirella tenera | Tetracyclus rupestris |

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Stenopterobia |   
Encyonema pergracile | Nitzschia filiformis |

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Kobayasiella |

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Aulacoseira |

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Nitzschia kurzeana |

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Eunotia bilunaris |

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Sellaphora |

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Sellaphora stauroneioides |

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Eunotia | Peronia |   
Eunotia novaeangliae | Eunotia panda | Eunotia spatulata |

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Surirella arctica |

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Surirella cruciata | Surirella terryi |

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Encyonema | Encyonopsis | Gomphonema |

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Nupela |

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Biremis |