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Navicula vilaplanii |

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Actinella |

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Pseudofallacia |   
Pseudofallacia tenera |

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Reimeria uniseriata |

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Halamphora |

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Cyclotella |   
Lindavia bodanica |

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Anomoeoneis |

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Asterionella |   
Asterionella formosa | Fragilaria crotonensis |

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Lindavia affinis |

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Eunotia bilunaris | Planothidium haynaldii |

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Lindavia delicatula |

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Nupela |   
Nupela wellneri |

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Nupela |   
Nupela pennsylvanica | Nupela vitiosa |

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Craticula |   
Craticula coloradensis | Craticula cuspidata |

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Ellerbeckia |

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Didymosphenia |   
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Brachysira vitrea | Lindavia affinis |

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Navicula libonensis |

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Amphora copulata |

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Amphora ovalis |

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Pseudostaurosira elliptica |

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Hydrosera whampoensis |

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Synedra goulardi |

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Aulacoseira islandica |

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Pleurosigma inflatum |

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Brachysira |   
Brachysira microcephala | Brachysira neoacuta |

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Asterionella formosa | Psammothidium alpinum | Psammothidium lacustre | Psammothidium nivale |

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Hydrosera whampoensis |

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Karayevia |

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Diatoma |

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Fragilaria | Synedra | Ulnaria |

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Encyonema |   
Encyonema auerswaldii | Encyonema leibleinii | Encyonema triangulum |

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Hydrosera whampoensis |

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Haslea |

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Acanthoceras |   
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Epithemia |   
Epithemia turgida |

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Frustulia |

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Stenopterobia |

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Aulacoseira |   
Aulacoseira nygaardii |

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Nupela |   
Eunotia areniverma | Nitzschia perminuta | Nupela vitiosa |

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Brachysira | Brevilinea |   
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Aulacoseira |   
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Peronia |

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Brevilinea |

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Nupela |   
Nupela scissura |

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Frustulia | Neidium | Pinnularia | Staurosira | Staurosirella | Stenopterobia | Synedra |   
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Actinella | Nupela |

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Frustulia asiatica |

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Lindavia michiganiana |

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Kobayasiella okadae |

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Gomphoneis eriense |

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Mastogloia calcarea | Mastogloia pseudosmithii |

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Envekadea pachycephala |

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Pleurosigma |

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Tryblionella |   
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Prestauroneis |   
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Actinocyclus normanii | Rhopalodia gibberula |

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Thalassiosira lacustris |

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Cavinula vincentii |

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Diatoma |   
Diatoma tenuis |

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Hantzschia |

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Boreozonacola |   
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Aneumastus |

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Orthoseira |

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Muelleria |   
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Playaensis |   
Playaensis circumfimbria |

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Muelleria | Scoliopleura |   
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Asterionella formosa | Fragilaria crotonensis |

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Encyonema latum | Encyonema nicafei | Encyonema reimeri | Encyonema temperei | Encyonema yellowstonianum |

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Asterionella formosa |

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Humidophila schmassmanni |

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Achnanthidium duthiei |

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Thalassiosira weissflogii |

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Neidium |

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Meridion circulare var. constrictum |

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Gomphoneis oreophila | Gomphonema californicum | Gomphonema sierrianum |

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