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Kobayasiella okadae |

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Cyclotella |

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Cyclotella | Lindavia | Pliocaenicus | Puncticulata |   
Lindavia affinis | Lindavia antiqua | Lindavia bodanica | Lindavia comensis | Lindavia delicatula | Lindavia eriensis | Lindavia intermedia | Lindavia michiganiana | Lindavia ocellata | Lindavia praetermissa |

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Eupodiscus |   
Eupodiscus radiatus |

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Terpsinoë musica |

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Rhopalodia gibberula |

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Planothidium |

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Encyonema reichardtii |

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Gomphonema sarcophagus |

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Achnanthidium |

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Geissleria |

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Planothidium |

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Aulacoseira tenella |