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Placoneis |

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Bacillaria |

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Cocconeis |   
Cocconeis pediculus | Cocconeis placentula |

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Sellaphora |   
Sellaphora bacillum |

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Aulacoseira subarctica |

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Cymbellonitzschia diluviana |

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Aulacoseira |

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Aulacoseira islandica |

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Aulacoseira herzogii |

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Spicaticribra |   
Spicaticribra kingstonii |

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Chaetoceros | Luticola |   
Chaetoceros muelleri |

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Microcostatus |   
Microcostatus krasskei |

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Chaetoceros muelleri |

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Luticola |

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Denticula creticola |

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Sellaphora |   
Achnanthidium alpestre | Achnanthidium reimeri | Luticola minor | Luticola stigma | Platessa lutheri |

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Melosira dickiei |

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Cyclotella distinguenda |

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Pleurosira |

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Diploneis |

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Diploneis |   
Diploneis elliptica |

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Diploneis |

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Kobayasiella madumensis | Navicula leptostriata |

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Achnanthidium pyrenaicum |

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Oricymba |

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Hydrosera |   
Hydrosera whampoensis |

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Gomphonema | Gomphosinica |   
Gomphonema incognitum |

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Diatoma | Odontidium |   
Odontidium hyemale |