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Stephanodiscus oregonicus |

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Cyclotella distinguenda |

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Lindavia rossii |

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Lindavia rossii |

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Cyclotella | Puncticulata |   
Cyclotella gamma | Lindavia praetermissa | Lindavia radiosa | Stephanodiscus oregonicus |

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Stephanodiscus alpinus | Stephanodiscus oregonicus |

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Cyclotella |

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Punctastriata |

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Eunotia |

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Neidium |

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Achnanthes |

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Neidium |

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Neidium |

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Staurosira construens var. binodis | Staurosira construens var. venter |

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Denticula |   
Denticula creticola | Denticula tenuis |

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Puncticulata |

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Nitzschia clausii |

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Cocconeis pediculus |

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Eupodiscus |   
Aulacoseira lirata | Brachysira brebissonii | Brachysira styriaca | Brachysira vitrea |

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Thalassiosira |

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Actinocyclus |   
Actinocyclus normanii |

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Thalassiosira baltica |

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Skeletonema |

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Skeletonema |

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Thalassiosira lacustris | Thalassiosira weissflogii |

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Thalassiosira |   
Thalassiosira lacustris |

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Asterionella formosa |

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Halamphora oligotraphenta |

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Aulacoseira subarctica |

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Puncticulata |

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Cavinula davisiae | Cymbopleura heinii | Encyonopsis aequaliformis | Stauroneis heinii |

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Anorthoneis |

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Envekadea metzeltinii |

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Surirella angusta |

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Cosmioneis |

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Eupodiscus |   
Eupodiscus radiatus |

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Stauroneis neohyalina |

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Staurosirella martyi |

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Navicula cuspidata var. obtusa |

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Cyclostephanos dubius |

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Aulacoseira herzogii |

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Puncticulata |

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Achnanthidium |

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Amphipleura |

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Eunotia metamonodon | Eunotia pectinalis | Nitzschia angustata |

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Sellaphora hohnii |

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Nitzschia kurzeana |

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Nitzschia |   
Cyclostephanos invisitatus | Gomphonema consector | Navicula caterva | Navicula venerablis | Nitzschia biacrula | Planothidium biporomum | Psammothidium chlidanos | Sellaphora alastos | Surirella stalagma |

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Actinocyclus |

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Cocconeis |

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Cocconeis |

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Orthoseira |

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Aulacoseira islandica | Ellerbeckia arenaria | Melosira undulata |

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Aulacoseira |

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Cyclotella | Discostella |   
Discostella pseudostelligera | Discostella stelligera |

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Aulacoseira valida |

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Stephanodiscus alpinus |

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Aneumastus rostratus |

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Stauroneis schroederi |

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Envekadea |

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Aneumastus minor |

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Nitzschia regula var. robusta |

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Pseudostaurosira americana |

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Cyclotella distinguenda |

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Acanthoceras | Bacillaria | Campylodiscus | Cyclotella | Cylindrotheca | Cymatopleura | Discostella | Ellerbeckia | Fallacia | Fistulifera | Fragilaria | Fragilariforma | Frustulia | Geissleria | Hantzschia | Luticola | Mastogloia | Mayamaea | Melosira | Microcostatus | Muelleria | Neidiopsis | Nitzschia | Stenopterobia |   
Actinocyclus normanii | Caloneis bacillum | Caloneis silicula | Nitzschia communis | Nitzschia fonticola | Nitzschia linearis | Nitzschia microcephala | Nitzschia sinuata var. tabellaria |

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Navicula subrhynchocephala |

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Plagiotropis lepidoptera var. proboscidea |

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Nupela |   
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Craticula molestiformis | Nitzschia fonticola |

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