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Lindavia intermedia |

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Cymbella |

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Aulacoseira granulata |

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Tabularia |

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Gomphoneis olivaceum |

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Hydrosera whampoensis |

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Fragilaria recapitellata |

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Aulacoseira pusilla |

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Amphora bicapitata | Fragilariforma marylandica |

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Frustulia vulgaris |

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Lindavia |

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Epithemia |   
Epithemia turgida |

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Fragilariforma acidobiontica |

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Navicula gregaria |

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Cyclostephanos |

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Diploneis |

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Diploneis |

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Amphipleura |

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Rhopalodia |

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Surirella ovalis |

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Lindavia comensis | Lindavia ocellata |