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Navicula sovereignii |

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Rhopalodia gibberula |

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Stauroneis sacajaweae | Stauroneis thompsonii |

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Navicula whitefishensis |

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Kurtkrammeria |   
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Muelleria |   
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Scoliopleura |

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Navicula goersii |

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Cymbella janischii | Cymbella mexicana |

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Nupela potapovae |

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Navicula |   
Navicula flatheadensis | Navicula galloae | Navicula sovereignii |

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Navicula |   
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Staurophora brantii | Staurophora tackei | Staurophora wislouchii |

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Neidiopsis |   
Neidiopsis hamiltonii | Neidiopsis levanderi | Neidiopsis weilandii | Neidiopsis wulffii |

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Encyonopsis | Kurtkrammeria |   
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Lacustriella |

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Navicula ludloviana | Navicula subwalkeri | Navicula volcanica | Navicula walkeri |

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Eupodiscus |   
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Lindavia delicatula |

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Cyclotella quillensis |

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Eunotia |

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Frustulia |

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Actinocyclus normanii |

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Craspedostauros |

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Epithemia |

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Nupela | Surirella |

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Cyclotella |

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Aulacoseira |

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Prestauroneis protracta |

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Hannaea |   
Hannaea arcus |

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Hannaea |   
Hannaea arcus | Hannaea superiorensis |

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Didymosphenia geminata |

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Diatoma |

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Hippodonta |   
Hippodonta pseudacceptata |

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Rhopalodia gibberula |

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Didymosphenia geminata |

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Luticola mobiliensis |

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Achnanthes |   
Achnanthes coarctata |

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Cyclostephanos |   
Cyclostephanos dubius |

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Surirella |

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Meridion |   
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Prestauroneis |

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Kobayasiella |

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Lemnicola hungarica |

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Kobayasiella |

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Kobayasiella |

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Psammothidium |   
Psammothidium bioretii | Psammothidium daonense | Psammothidium didymum | Psammothidium helveticum | Psammothidium lauenburgianum | Psammothidium levanderi | Psammothidium scoticum | Psammothidium subatomoides |

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Karayevia |   
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Stauroneis kingstonii |

Burliga, A.L. and Kociolek, J.P. (2010). Kobayasiella species from Carajás National Forest, Amazonia, Brazil. Diatom Research 25: 235-250. 10.1080/0269249X.2010.9705848   
Kobayasiella |

Burliga A.L., Kociolek J.P., Salomoni S.E. and Figueiredo D. (2013). A new genus and species in the diatom Family Eunotioiaceae Kützing (Bacillariophyceae) from the Amazonian hydrographic region, Brazil. Phytotaxa 79: 47–57. 10.11646/ phytotaxa.79.2.1