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Karayevia oblongella | Platessa conspicua | Psammothidium curtissimum | Psammothidium semiapertum | Rossithidium petersenii |

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Didymosphenia |   
Didymosphenia geminata |

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Pleurosira | Rossithidium |   
Rossithidium nodosum |

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Amphora |

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Diatoma tenuis | Reimeria sapiens |

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Mastogloia elliptica |

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Cymbella lanceolata | Halamphora coffeaeformis | Melosira varians | Navicula lanceolata |

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Cymbella cymbiformis | Cymbella lanceolata |

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Encyonema leibleinii |

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Brebissonia lanceolata | Rhoicosphenia abbreviata |

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Fragilaria |

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Cyclotella |

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Lindavia eriensis |

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Gomphonema pseudosphaerophorum |

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Chaetoceros muelleri |

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Cyclostephanos |   
Cyclostephanos dubius | Stephanodiscus hantzschii | Stephanodiscus hantzschii f. tenuis |

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Prestauroneis protracta |

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Biremis undulata |

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Eucocconeis | Hannaea |

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Achnanthidium kriegeri | Cavinula vincentii | Eunotia bidens | Eunotia bilunaris | Eunotia metamonodon | Hannaea superiorensis | Navicula hodgeana | Neidiopsis wulffii | Neidium fogedii | Surirella arctica |

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Cavinula vincentii |

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Halamphora coffeaeformis |

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Asterionella formosa |

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Neidiomorpha binodiformis |

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Envekadea |   
Envekadea pachycephala |