Taxon Contributors

100+ taxa

Loren Bahls

Faculty Affiliate, Environmental Studies, The University of Montana

Mark Edlund

Senior Scientist, Science Museum of Minnesota
Review Board, This Website

Pat Kociolek

Director, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, CU-Boulder
Review Board, This Website

Marina Potapova

Assistant Curator, Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia of Drexel University
Review Board, This Website

Sarah Spaulding

Ecologist, US Geological Survey
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10 to 99 taxa

Jonathan English

Research Assistant, Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia

Paula Furey

Freshwater Ecologist, Department of Biology, St. Catherine University

Carrie Graeff

Research Assistant, University of Colorado

Paul Hamilton

Curator, Canadian Museum of Nature

Rex Lowe

Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
Review Board, This Website

Kalina Manoylov

Assistant Professor, Georgia College and State University

Eduardo Morales

Curador, Herbario Criptogámico, Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo

Joshua Stepanek

Ph.D. Student, University of Colorado

0 to 9 taxa

Elizabeth Alexson

M.S. Student, University of Minnesota Duluth

Lisa Allinger

Research Fellow, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota Duluth

Ata Atazadeh

Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Science, Federation University, Victoria 3355, Australia

Jen Beals

Collection Manager, Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Ian Bishop

M.S. Student, University of Colorado, Boulder

Dan Bogan

Aquatic Ecology Research Professional, Alaska Natural Heritage Program, University of Alaska Anchorage

David R.L. Burge

M.S. Student, Ecotoxicology, Arkansas State University
Hydrologic Technician, US Geological Survey

Michelle Chaput

Doctoral candidate, Geography Department, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Christie

PhD Student, University of Delaware

William Daniels

Ph.D. Student, Geology Department, Brown University and Marine Biological Laboratory

Dawn DeColibus

M.S. Student, Ball State University

Nina Desianti

J.C. Kingston Fellow, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms

Lauren Fuelling

M.S. Student, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Catharina Grubaugh

Ph.D. Student, Fordham University

Jaime Zebill Haueter

M.S. Student, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Sonja Hausmann

Research Scientist, Phycology, Patrick Center for Environmental Research

Natalie Hoidal

Undergraduate Student, University of Minnesota, Morris

Kerry Howard

Ph.D. Student, Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno

Lena Ivarsson

Undergraduate Student, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden

Briana Johnson

M.S. Student, Univerity of Nevada, Reno

Justin Kenneth Jones

M.S. Student, Towson University

Ingrid Jüttner

Research Curator of Diatoms, National Museum of Wales

Matthew Keith

Undergraduate Student, University of Iowa

Somayyeh Kheiri

Instructor, Islamic Azad University, Garmsar Branch, Iran

Rob Kimmich

Amateur Diatomist, Unaffiliated

Tyler Kohler

Ph.D. Student, University of Colorado

Sylvia Lee

Aquatic Ecologist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Steve Main

Professor, Retired, Wartburg College

Viviana Mazzei

PhD Student, Florida International University

Nicole McConnell

M.S. Student, Iowa State University, Ames Iowa

Ditmar Metzeltin

Accomplished Diatomist, Unaffiliated

Drew Meyers

Undergraduate Student, University of Colorado Boulder

Liz Morgan

M.S. Student, Department of Geosciences, Brigham Young University

Karen Neil

Ph.D. Student, Department of Geography, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Steve Nelson

Professor of Geochemistry, Department of Geological Sciences, Brigham Young University

Emily Nodine

Ph.D. Student, Florida International University, Miami FL

Ian O'Malley

Undergraduate Student, Coop Program, Drexel University

Nadja Ognjanova-Rumenova

Associate Professor, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Megan Otu

Postdoctoral Fellow, INSTAAR, University of Colorado

Edna Pedraza Garzon


Marge Penton

Diatom Enthusiast, Rocky Mountain Biological Lab

Frank Pickett

Diatomist, Unaffiliated

Barry Rosen

Biologist, U.S. Geological Survey

Sam Rushforth

Dean, School of Science/Health, Utah Valley University
Review Board, This Website

Aneliya Sakaeva

M.S. Student, University of Colorado, Boulder

Nick Schulte

M.S. Student, Florida International University

Thomas C. Smith

Ph.D. Student, University of California, Santa Barbara, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

Laurel Stratton

M.S. Student, University of Nevada, Reno

Dessie Underwood

Professor, California State University Long Beach

Bart Van de Vijver

Diatomist, National Botanic Garden of Belgium
Professor, University of Antwerp

Michael Van Gorp

Undergraduate Student, University of Iowa

Dennis Vander Meer

Diatomist, Rhithron Associates, Inc., 33 Fort Missoula Rd., Missoula, MT 59804

Jana Veselá

Ph.D. Student, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice

Carrie White

M.S. Student, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Diane Winter

Freshwater and marine diatomist, Independent

Phil Woods

M.S. Student, University of Minnesota

Shelly Wu

M.S. Student, Loyola University and University of Oklahoma

Anna Mengjie Yu

Ph.D. Student, Department of Plant Biology, The University of Texas at Austin

Expert contributors submit text and images for each genus or species page in the database. Contact us about becoming a contributor of genus or species content. Analysts, students, ecologists and taxonomists are all encouraged to provide content. We may provide training or workshops in 2013 if there is sufficient interest. Please see: Information for new contributors.

For the initial release of the database, Marina Potapova, Sarah Spaulding and Mark Edlund were the primary contributors of genus and species pages. Contributors of species pages include experts supported by the USGS NAWQA program, students and taxonomists. The content of each taxon page is the ongoing responsibility of the expert contributor. Comments and corrections to a taxon should be directed to specific contributors, as we hope to keep the pages current.


To cite a genus or species from this website,  vist the web page associated with the taxon and look for "Cite this Page" at bottom.
To cite the entire website, authors include the Project Organizer (Spaulding), Web and Database Leader (Lubinski), and Taxonomic Content Developer (Potapova). 

Spaulding, S.A., Lubinski, D.J. and Potapova, M. (2010). Diatoms of the United States. Accessed on 19 September, 2014.

Contributors A-Z

Alexson, Elizabeth
Allinger, Lisa
Atazadeh, Ata
Bahls, Loren
Beals, Jen
Bishop, Ian
Bogan, Dan
Burge, David R.L.
Chaput, Michelle
Christie, Margaret
Daniels, William
DeColibus, Dawn
Desianti, Nina
Edlund, Mark
English, Jonathan
Fuelling, Lauren
Furey, Paula
Graeff, Carrie
Grubaugh, Catharina
Hamilton, Paul
Haueter, Jaime Zebill
Hausmann, Sonja
Hoidal, Natalie
Howard, Kerry
Ivarsson, Lena
Johnson, Briana
Jones, Justin Kenneth
Jüttner, Ingrid
Keith, Matthew
Kheiri, Somayyeh
Kimmich, Rob
Kociolek, Pat
Kohler, Tyler
Lee, Sylvia
Lowe, Rex
Main, Steve
Manoylov, Kalina
Mazzei, Viviana
McConnell, Nicole
Metzeltin, Ditmar
Meyers, Drew
Morales, Eduardo
Morgan, Liz
Neil, Karen
Nelson, Steve
Nodine, Emily
O'Malley, Ian
Ognjanova-Rumenova, Nadja
Otu, Megan
Pedraza Garzon, Edna
Penton, Marge
Pickett, Frank
Potapova, Marina
Rosen, Barry
Rushforth, Sam
Sakaeva, Aneliya
Schulte, Nick
Smith, Thomas C.
Spaulding, Sarah
Stepanek, Joshua
Stoermer, Gene
Stratton, Laurel
Underwood, Dessie
Van de Vijver, Bart
Van Gorp, Michael
Vander Meer, Dennis
Veselá, Jana
White, Carrie
Winter, Diane
Woods, Phil
Wu, Shelly
Yu, Anna Mengjie