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Diatoms of the United States is now known as Diatoms of North America.
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Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms course, 2012



Students in Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms contribute to the Diatoms of the United States. For a final project, students intensively research a single taxon and submit their work to the review board. Several taxa from 2012 are in progress.


Achnanthes inflata | Caloneis lewisii | Cocconeis pediculus | Cyclotella meneghiniana | Cymbopleura inaequalis | Fragilariforma nitzschioides | Gomphonema incognitum | Lindavia intermedia |


Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms course
Diatom slide from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University


In 2012, students from an eclectic mix of states (Arkansas, Iowa, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Utah) and an unlikely set of countries (Indonesia, Iran, Australia) gathered for the diatom course at Iowa Lakeside Lab. Most of the students are enrolled in graduate programs, using diatoms in their research projects. The students learned not only about the freshwater diatom genera in North America, but were exposed to the species diversity from this global set of student study sites.  

In 2013, we will mark the 50th anniversary of the class in Iowa, which started as the “Diatom Clinic” by Dr. Gene Stoermer in 1963. Recently, a former student from the 1963 class, Gerry Haukoos, sent a note in rememberance of Gene. He recalled that the first morning of the class in 1963, he overheard Dr. John Dodd instructing his former graduate student (Gene) in the adjoining room. John Dodd said something like, "you're in the big time now, go get'em". This exchange occurred when John and Gene were in a stone lab, in the midst of the cornfields of northwest Iowa! For many years of teaching the summer course, Gene would end his lectures with, "Now go forth and do great things". All the students that pass through this stone building have done exactly that.


J.C. Kingston Fellowship

Teaching Fellowship | Nina Desianti

C.W. Reimer Scholarship

Merit Scholarship | Catharina Grubaugh

Friends of Lakeside Lab

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Okoboji Foundation

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Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust

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Mark Edlund

Senior Scientist, Science Museum of Minnesota
Review Board, This Website

Steve Main

Professor, Retired, Wartburg College

Marina Potapova

Assistant Curator, Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia of Drexel University
Review Board, This Website

Sarah Spaulding

Ecologist, US Geological Survey
Review Board, This Website

Ehsan Atazadeh

Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Science, Federation University, Victoria 3355, Australia

David R.L. Burge

Lab Technician, St. Croix Watershed Research Station, Science Museum of Minnesota

William Daniels

Ph.D. Student, Geology Department, Brown University and Marine Biological Laboratory

Nina Desianti

J.C. Kingston Fellow, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, Ecology and Systematics of Diatoms

Catharina Grubaugh

Ph.D. Student, Fordham University

Kerry Howard

Ph.D. Student, Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno

Matthew Keith

Undergraduate Student, University of Iowa

Somayyeh Kheiri

Instructor, Islamic Azad University, Garmsar Branch, Iran

Steve Nelson

Professor of Geochemistry, Department of Geological Sciences, Brigham Young University

Michael Van Gorp

Undergraduate Student, University of Iowa

Jane Shuttleworth

Friends of Lakeside Lab

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