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The USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA) and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP) work through a cooperative agreement to provide water quality assessment to the nation.


Achnanthidium alpestre | Achnanthidium atomus | Achnanthidium deflexum | Achnanthidium druartii | Achnanthidium duthiei | Achnanthidium eutrophilum | Achnanthidium exiguum | Achnanthidium gracillimum | Achnanthidium kranzii | Achnanthidium kriegeri | Achnanthidium latecephalum | Achnanthidium minutissimum | Achnanthidium pyrenaicum | Achnanthidium reimeri | Achnanthidium rivulare | Aulacoseira alpigena | Aulacoseira ambigua | Aulacoseira crassipunctata | Aulacoseira granulata | Aulacoseira granulata var. angustissima | Aulacoseira herzogii | Aulacoseira humilis | Aulacoseira italica | Aulacoseira lirata | Aulacoseira muzzanensis | Aulacoseira nivalis | Aulacoseira nivaloides | Aulacoseira nygaardii | Aulacoseira pusilla | Aulacoseira subarctica | Aulacoseira tenella | Aulacoseira valida | Capartogramma crucicula | Cymbella affinis | Cymbella excisiformis | Diatoma moniliformis | Diatoma tenuis | Diatoma vulgaris | Eucocconeis alpestris | Eucocconeis flexella | Eucocconeis laevis | Geissleria acceptata | Geissleria decussis | Geissleria kriegeri | Geissleria lateropunctata | Geissleria punctifera | Gliwiczia calcar | Hippodonta capitata | Hippodonta capitata subsp. iberoamericana | Hippodonta coxiae |

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U.S. Geological Survey, National Water Quality Assessment program
U.S. Geological Survey, National Water Quality Assessment Data Warehouse
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Phycology Section



The NAWQA program was designed to collect and interpret data on surface- and ground-water chemistry, hydrology, land use, stream habitat, and aquatic life in parts or all of nearly all 50 states using a consistent study design and uniform methods of sampling analysis. In 1999-2011 scientists at the ANSP were funded by the NAWQA program to identify and enumerate algae to evaluate how river algal communities are affected by human activities and to develop algal-based water quality assessment methods. Over that time, more than 20 taxonomic workshops brought together phycologists and analysts from ANSP and other institutions. The initial goal of the workshops was taxonomic harmonization of the NAWQA algal data, but eventually, these taxonomic revisions led to discovery of several diatom species new to science, furthering our understanding of biodiversity in the US. The development and expansion of the Diatoms of the United States web flora was, in large part, supported by the NAWQA program to further taxonomic consistency and accuracy.


U.S. Geological Survey, National Water Quality Assessment Program

USGS / ANSP Cooperative Agreement | Don Charles, Marina Potapova


Marina Potapova

Assistant Curator, Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia of Drexel University
Review Board, This Website

Jonathan English

Research Assistant, Diatom Herbarium, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia

Eduardo A. Morales

Researcher, Laboratório da Água, Universidade de Évora

Barry Rosen

Biologist, U.S. Geological Survey

Jen Beals

Ph.D. Student, University of Arkansas

Don Charles

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Patrick Center

More Taxa

Hippodonta hungarica | Karayevia amoena | Karayevia clevei | Karayevia laterostrata | Karayevia nitidiformis | Karayevia oblongella | Karayevia ploenensis var. gessneri | Karayevia suchlandtii | Navicula angusta | Navicula canalis | Navicula escambia | Navicula radiosa | Nupela carolina | Nupela elegantula | Nupela fennica | Nupela frezelii | Nupela impexiformis | Nupela lapidosa | Nupela neglecta | Nupela pennsylvanica | Nupela poconoensis | Nupela scissura | Nupela subrostrata | Nupela vitiosa | Nupela wellneri | Odontidium mesodon | Planothidium abbreviatum | Planothidium apiculatum | Planothidium biporomum | Planothidium delicatulum | Planothidium dubium | Planothidium frequentissimum | Planothidium haynaldii | Planothidium holstii | Planothidium lanceolatum | Planothidium rostratum | Platessa conspicua | Platessa hustedtii | Platessa stewartii | Psammothidium acidoclinatum | Psammothidium bioretii | Psammothidium chlidanos | Psammothidium curtissimum | Psammothidium daonense | Psammothidium didymum | Psammothidium helveticum | Psammothidium lauenburgianum | Psammothidium levanderi | Psammothidium scoticum | Psammothidium semiapertum | Psammothidium subatomoides | Rossithidium nodosum | Rossithidium petersenii | Rossithidium pusillum | Surirella amphioxys | Surirella angusta | Surirella atomus | Surirella brebissonii | Surirella iowensis | Surirella minuta | Surirella ovalis | Surirella stalagma | Surirella suecica |

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