Shelly Wu

Taxon Contributor
M.S. Student, Loyola University and University of Oklahoma

Woods, Phil


Yu, Anna Mengjie

Few objects are more beautiful than the minute siliceous cases of the diatomaceae: were these created that they might be examined and admired under the higher powers of the microscope? Darwin, 1886


One evening, I was watching a Forensic Files episode about the utilization of diatoms to link the suspects to the crime scene. In awe of the beauty of diatoms, I wanted to learn more and have since worked with James L. Wee at Loyola University New Orleans. I have been assessing periphyton accumulation on hair submerged in water as a forensic application to determine the postmortem submersion interval (PMSI). I am particularly interested in the algal community that colonizes the hair, and would like to have a better understanding of the successional changes of community composition over time. I will be attending the University of Oklahoma this fall, working with Elizabeth A. Bergey. I am always amazed that these microorganisms have macro applications to the world!

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