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Diatoms of the United States is now known as Diatoms of North America.
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Jaime Zebill Haueter

Taxon Contributor
M.S. Student, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Hannis, Tanya


Hausmann, Sonja

The more we know of other forms of life, the more we enjoy and respect ourselves... Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life. - E.O. Wilson


I am a graduate student pursuing a MS in environmental science at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and am working with Dr. Lisa Kunza. My focus is on the nuisance diatom Didymosphenia geminata, which has recently been producing abundant extracellular stalk material, creating thick, benthic mats that can cover an entire stream bed up to several centimeters thick. My research will be focused on understanding the influence these mats have on ecosystem functions like nutrient cycling.

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