William Daniels

Taxon Contributor
Ph.D. Student, Geology Department, Brown University and Marine Biological Laboratory

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Davis, Clint

Keep on Rockin' in the Diatom World -Neil Young


Hello! I enjoyed the lovely Iowa countryside (aka went to Diatom Camp) in the summer of 2012. Thanks to Mark, Sarah, Steve and Marina for showing me the light of diatoms (or at least further opening my aperature).

I am a graduate student in the Brown University/Marine Biological Laboratory joint program in Geology. My work is focused on the biogeochemistry of aquatic systems in a changing world. I am interested in bacterial processes, carbon and nitrogen cycling, and the lower food web. I currently have field sites in Arctic Alaska near the Toolik Lake LTER station. It is a beautiful location and it satisfies my natural tendency to go towards the cold. I am learning diatom taxonomy to examine how changing nutrient regimes affect diatom communities, primary production, and food web pathways in fertilized, thermokarst-impacted, and other lakes in that region.

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Geology Department, Brown University
Marine Biological Laboratory
Science Museum of Minnesota
Toolik Field Station
The New England Orienteering Club