David R.L. Burge

Taxon Contributor
Lab Technician, St. Croix Watershed Research Station, Science Museum of Minnesota

Brant, Lynn


Cantonati, Marco

Take care of yourself and someone else – SA Martinez


My current research interests include diatom taxonomy, life history, and relations to environmental changes.

My Master’s thesis in the Travis D. Marsico Lab at Arkansas State University involved using diatoms to develop bioindicators of wetland water quality and land use disturbance in the Cache River Watershed, in Eastern Arkansas. During my Master’s I also worked with the USGS at the Arkansas Water Science Center, sampling for the National Lakes Assessment, National River and Streams Assessment, National Wetlands Condition Assessment, and National Water-Quality Assessment Program.

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Marsico Lab, Arkansas State University
St. Croix Watershed Research Station, Science Museum of Minnesota


Species Contributed

Acanthoceras zachariasii | Achnanthes inflata | Amphora calumetica | Anomoeoneis fogedii | Aulacoseira islandica | Biremis undulata | Craticula accomoda | Craticula accomodiformis | Craticula citrus | Craticula riparia | Cyclostephanos invisitatus | Cyclotella quillensis | Diatoma ehrenbergii | Eunotia bidens | Eunotia bidentula | Eunotia bilunaris | Eunotia eruca | Eunotia formica | Eunotia metamonodon | Eunotia pectinalis | Eunotia superbidens | Eunotia tauntoniensis | Fragilariforma acidobiontica | Frustulia bahlsii | Gomphonema montezumense | Hannaea superiorensis | Hydrosera whampoensis | Lindavia bodanica | Lindavia delicatula | Lindavia eriensis | Lindavia michiganiana | Meridion alansmithii | Neidium sacoense | Orthoseira roeseana | Oxyneis binalis | Oxyneis binalis var. elliptica | Pinnularia turfosiphila | Placoneis amphibola | Placoneis anglophila | Sellaphora moesta | Semiorbis catillifera | Semiorbis rotundus | Stauroneis bovbjergii | Stauroneis kingstonii | Stephanodiscus binderanus | Stephanodiscus hantzschii | Stephanodiscus hantzschii f. tenuis | Stephanodiscus parvus | Thalassiosira baltica |

Species Reviewed

Discostella pseudostelligera | Encyonema pergracile | Eunotia novaeangliae | Tetracyclus glans |

Genera Contributed

Pleurosigma | Semiorbis |