David R.L. Burge

Taxon Contributor
M.S. Student, Ecotoxicology, Arkansas State University
Hydrologic Technician, US Geological Survey

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My current research interests are macrophyte and periphyton responses to water quality changes among wetlands of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain in eastern Arkansas. I am a Master’s of Environmental Science candidate at Arkansas State University researching through the Travis D. Marsico lab and the ASU Ecotoxicology Facility. During the summer of 2011, the Marsico lab participated in the EPA’s National Wetlands Condition Assessment characterizing wetland vegetation across the state of Arkansas.

In order to determine bio-indicators within the delta region, I am currently characterizing diatom community changes in relation to water quality among forested swamps in the Cache River watershed. In concurrence with the bio-indicators study, I am also characterizing the diatom flora of the delta through studies of multiple substrata. My research emphasizes the examination of epipellic, detrital, and epidendric communities in wetlands dominated by Nyssa aquatic and Taxodium distichum.

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Marsico Lab, Arkansas State University
Ecotoxicology, Arkansas State University