Ian Bishop

Review Board Member - Taxon Contributor
Graduate Student, Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island

Beals, Jen


Bixby, Becky

A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle. - Khalil Gibran


I received my BA in Biology from Grinnell College in 2010 and my MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado in 2014. My master’s research focused on population dynamics and size diminution of Didymosphenia geminata. My recent work and research interests have focused on issues of taxonomic consistency in diatom community data and how to account for them, protect against them, and generally how to improve the quality of such datasets for the purposes of freshwater bioassessment. I have recently joined the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, where my attention will turn to the adaptive potential of Southern Ocean diatoms in the face of climate change.

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Species Contributed

Amphora bicapitata | Craticula accomoda | Craticula accomodiformis | Craticula citrus | Craticula riparia | Denticula creticola | Encyonema minutum var. pseudogracilis | Encyonema pergracile | Encyonema reichardtii | Eunotia bactriana | Eunotia bidentula | Eunotia perpusilla | Fallacia subhamulata | Fallacia vitrea | Fragilaria recapitellata | Fragilariforma bicapitata | Fragilariforma marylandica | Gomphonema amerhombicum | Gomphonema caperatum | Gomphonema incognitum | Gomphonema louisiananum | Gomphonema manubrium | Gomphonema mehleri | Gomphonema reimeri | Gomphonema sierrianum | Gomphonema sphaerophorum | Gomphonema turgidum | Gomphonema variostriatum | Gomphosphenia lingulatiformis | Grunowia solgensis | Halamphora latecostata | Hippodonta pseudacceptata | Krasskella kriegeriana | Luticola minor | Luticola mobiliensis | Luticola stigma | Meridion anceps | Navicula genovefae | Navicula ingenua | Navicula kotschyi | Nitzschia angustata | Odontidium hyemale | Placoneis anglophila | Prestauroneis protracta | Pseudofallacia monoculata | Pseudostaurosira robusta | Sellaphora japonica | Sellaphora stauroneioides | Stauroneis smithii var. incisa | Synedra goulardi | Tetracyclus glans | Tetracyclus hinziae | Tetracyclus rupestris | Ulnaria contracta |

Species Reviewed

Cymbella blinnii | Encyonema leibleinii | Nitzschia sigmoidea |

Genera Contributed

Krasskella | Odontidium |