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Diatoms of the United States is now known as Diatoms of North America.
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Brad Bartelme

Taxon Contributor
Ecologist, EnviroScience

Balmaki, Behnaz


Beals, Jen

Finding harmful algal blooms from space!


Bradley Bartelme is a biological ecologist from EnviroScience with a background in algal taxonomy and aquatic ecology. He graduated from John Carroll University with two degrees; a BS in Biology and Environmental Science with a concentration in Chemistry and an MS degree in Biology. Before coming to EnviroScience he was conducting post-graduate research and taking classes at the University of Georgia. During the summer and fall (2014) he worked as a consultant for the NASA DEVELOP program where he helped create a remote detection tool for mapping and monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms throughout Georgia using Landsat-8. Current research includes analyzing periphyton for the US EPA 2013-2014 National Rivers and Streams Assessment

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