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15 April, 2016

Sarah Spaulding

Diatoms of the US is now on Facebook!

Check our Facebook page for:

1) Genus and species pages as they are opened to the public. The content on DOTUS goes through a formal review process, and once a page is open for public view we announce the new pages on Facebook. Typically one new page is opened each day of the week, and Facebook allows us to call attention to the new content.

2) Nomenclatural changes to taxa on DOTUS are announced on Facebook. For example, we post when a species is transferred to a new genus. We also post corrections and updates as knowledge is gained in new scientific publications.

3) An opportunity for you to give feedback and comment on DOTUS. You may want to talk back to us for “species we would like to see”, or to let us know features that you like, or features that you don’t like.

4) Post your questions and images to the broader diatom community for feedback.