News Story

Why so slow?



25 October, 2012

Sarah Spaulding

The loading of some pages is SO slow! Users of the Diatoms of the United States website are likely frustrated by the slow loading of the GENERA and SPECIES pages. While we are adding lots of great content to the site this year, the time to load the GENERA and SPECIES pages has ground to nearly a halt. We have planned upgrades to the database that will reduce the time for pages to load, but it will still be several weeks before the changes are implemented.

In the meantime, patient users can continue to browse GENERA and SPECIES pages. Or, rather than browsing those pages, use the “Taxon Search” function to access specific pages more quickly. For example, entering “Navicula” into the Taxon Search box will return all of the pages, genus and species, that use that taxon. Then, users may choose to select one of the iconic images of the genus Navicula, or any of the species within it.