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25 March, 2011

Information for contributors

As the online taxonomic and ecological resource grows, we are seeking new contributors to submit taxon pages. This project depends on the involvement of many people working on the diverse diatom flora of streams, rivers, wetlands, lakes, springs, soils and estuaries of the country. We hope, eventually, to include the thousands, or tens of...  Read More >

News Stories

03 August, 2014

Aquatic Microbiology Camp 2014

The High School Aquatic Microbiology Camp met at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory from July 13th to the 18th. This year, 9 students (including 4 out-of-state students) and a K-12 science education resident participated in the Camp. The Camp instructors were Kerry Howard (University of Nevada, Reno) and Dr. Sylvia Lee (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies)....  Read More >

01 March, 2014

The Glossary Project: Illustrated terms, with style

Rob Kimmich, a new Contributor to Diatoms of the United States, and I have been revising the project glossary over the last couple of months. We have edited existing definitions, added new definitions, created illustrations for terms, and provided hyperlinks to direct you to related terms. For example, you can click on frustule, and follow the...  Read More >

28 January, 2014

Visualizing Diatom Evolution

There is currently a disconnect between the system of diatom names, or taxonomy, and the evolutionary relationships of diatoms, or phylogenies. Teo Nakov, a doctoral candidate at University of Texas, Austin, is working to change that. Teo has launched a website to serve as a repository for diatom phylogenies, expressed as evolutionary trees.

The...  Read More >

19 January, 2014

Summer Field Course on Diatoms

19 May – 13 June 2014
Instructors: Sarah Spaulding, Mark Edlund

This course, now in its 51st year, will introduce students to field and laboratory study of freshwater diatoms. We will visit diverse aquatic habitats of the Upper Midwest to make live and fossil collections of most freshwater diatom genera....  Read More >

19 January, 2014

E.F. Stoermer Diatom Scholarship

The Eugene F. Stoermer Diatom Scholarship was established by Gene’s family, friends, and colleagues following his passing in 2012. Over $6,500 of the endowed scholarship was raised by students and colleagues at the 2013 North American Diatom Symposium held in Bar Harbor, Maine. A single $500 scholarship will be awarded annually to an advanced...  Read More >

28 December, 2013

How are striae measured in centric diatoms?

The number of striae, or other rotational elements of centric diatoms, such as fascicles, costae, spines, rimoportulae, fultoportulae and other valve features are often repeated on a diatom valve. This type of symmetry is called rotational symmetry (Theriot 1988). The number and position of a rotational element may be an important morphologic...  Read More >

25 July, 2013

High School “Diatom Camp”

Iowa Lakeside Lab hosted the High School Diatom Camp for the second time from July 15th to the 19th this year, with financial support from the Friends of Lakeside Lab. The students went on field collection trips to West and East Lake Okoboji, Silver Lake Fen, Freda Haffner Kettlehole, and the Little Sioux River. Students learned about the...  Read More >

01 July, 2013

Diatoms on Wild Wednesday

The mission of Friends of Lakeside Lab is to create healthy, respectful and life long relationships between children and the natural world by nurturing their inborn curiosity about nature through outdoor activities designed to stimulate their intellectual, physical and emotional development. Summer camps and programs stress the importance of...  Read More >

01 June, 2013

Introducing Molecular Sequence Data

The website now includes links to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and genetic sequences for taxa that have been investigated. Over 80 species now have links to sequences, accessible under the CITATIONS/LINKS tab on each species page. Genbank is the genetic sequence database developed by the National Institutes of Health...  Read More >

16 January, 2013

50th Anniversary of the Diatom Clinic

The year 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the diatom course at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory. In 1963, Dr. Gene Stoermer started an informal gathering, a “Diatom Clinic”, as forum for people interested in diatoms to gather and learn from one another. After Gene initiated the course, Dr. Charlie Reimer taught for many years, with Gene returning to...  Read More >

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